Linocut. Creating the patterns.
We will create our own unique pattern on the theme of your choice and learn how to print it on fabric. For a wide range of lovers of creativity and beauty.

Linocut is one of the classic types of handmade letterpress graphics. You create a drawing, cut it out on a sheet of linoleum, apply paint to it with a special roller, and make an imprint of your drawing on paper, fabric or other surface

For teenagers from 12 years old and adults
Join us!
Try a new technique!
In 2.5 hours you will get acquainted with the linocut technique, go through all the stages of creating a print and fill up with the energy of creativity.
Share the creativity!
Classes are held in small groups, allowing you to dive deeper into the creative process and share thoughts and ideas. After the master class, you will be able to participate in a print exchange event!
Catch the wave of inspiration
Our studio sets you up for a creative wave, and professional materials make the creation process enjoyable and amusing.
Work examples

We are located in the center of Belgrade,

in the Vracar district, a 5-minute walk from the Church of St. Sava.

Belgrade, Vracar
ulica Mutapova, 65

Discover new horizons of creative life!
Price 3 000 RSD

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