Customisation master class

Create your own design of the ideal thing and bring it to life!

Customization is the process of making an existing thing unique, changing it visually or functionally.

For teenagers from 12 years old and adults
Join us!

Uniqueness in everything

Come up with a unique design, or pattern, choose your favorite colors, and create a stylish and bright thing that only you will have. Choose which technique you will work in or combine everything at once.

Detailed analysis

Classes are suitable for beginners and experienced artists, helping to open up their creative horizons and create their own unique pieces. The program does not require special education, since during the classes we will analyze each idea in detail and answer all questions that arise.

Catch your wave of inspiration!

Our studio sets you up for a creative wave, and professional materials make the creation process enjoyable, varied and addictive.

Work examples

Choose your option

Our studio has two customization options:

Linocut printing

Стоимость: 3 000 RSD или 3 700 RSD вместе с сумкой-шопером.

We get acquainted with linocut, create the desired sketch, cut out the printing form, and make an imprint on your clothes or bag.

Suitable for adults and teenagers over 14 years old.

The lesson lasts about 4 hours.

We provide shopping bags upon pre-order.

Price: RSD 3,000 or RSD 3,700 with shopper.

Painting of clothes

We prepare a sketch, transfer it to your clothing, and use a brush and textile acrylic to create a unique image.

Suitable for adults and children over 10 years old.

The lesson lasts about 3 hours.

We provide shopping bags upon pre-order.

Price: RSD 3,000 or RSD 3,700 with shopper.

  • Svetlana Kopytina
    Teacher-artist, founder of Nowadays.
    Светлана - мастер линогравюры, который с большой любовью делится своим опытом! Она поможет не только познакомиться с этой чудесной техникой, но и сделать оттиски на вашей одежде.
    Кастомизация линогравюрой, вот это да!

    Svetlana is a linocut master who shares her experience with great love! It will help you not only get acquainted with this wonderful technique but also make prints on your clothes.

    Customization with linocut, wow!

  • Veronica Haustova
    Artist - master of customisation

    Veronica is a master of makeup and props, and will be able to embody any of your images! In our studio she conducts group and individual classes in clothing painting and makeup.

We are located in the center of Belgrade,

in the Vracar district, a 5-minute walk from the Church of St. Sava.

Belgrade, Vracar
ulica Mutapova, 65

Discover new horizons of creative life!
Price 3 000 RSD

3 700 RSD when ordering a shopping bag

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